More Than Luck: Customization is “Brewing” at Cymba for St. Patrick’s Day

By February 15, 2018Blog, News

Each year, more than 33 million Irish-Americans and fellow partiers worldwide raise pints of Guinness in the name of Ireland’s patron saint. St. Patrick’s Day ranks fourth, behind New Year’s Eve, Christmas and Independence Day, among the most popular drinking days with nearly 13 million pints of Guinness consumed worldwide. That’s enough Guinness to fill almost 2.5 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

Of course, no celebrating can take place if the brew remains in the bottle…which leads me to the purpose of this blog: bottle openers. Your choice of bottle-popping tools also says something about your customers and brand. In essence, the bottle opener has become a multi-faceted tool for breweries, serving utility and merchandising functions. Some vital identity decisions for your brewery will be creating a tagline or slogan and creating a business logo. A good logo goes a long way in establishing your brand and business identity and should reflect what your business does. Your logo should be unique, eye-catching and easy to identify. Once you’ve created your logo or slogan, what should you do next? Call Cymba Bottle Opener Company!

Find Luck With Cymba

That’s what Scott and Jackie Cullen did, owners of River Styx Brewing based in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Over the last 20 years, Cymba has been creating classic bottle openers with artistic style and reliable functionality.

As an extension of the River Styx brand, Cullen decided his brewery could benefit from branded bottle openers. Unveiled at a bottle release party, the bottle openers were originally intended to serve as a promotional item, but ended up being sold as merchandise and used by bartenders in the brewery to open bottles.

“With so many options out there, it’s important that we stand out,” said Scott Cullen. “That’s why branding is so important to us. Branding helps us maintain our image. Branding helps our customers remember us.”

Working with Cymba President Ed Sorillo, Cullen was able to bring his design to life. Sourced from locally made and Made in USA materials, the bottle opener offered functionality and style while playing to Cullen’s business philosophy of making every effort to keep all  business in-state.

From concept to creation, the collaboration only took a few weeks. “It was a good experience,” said Cullen. “I would absolutely do business with Cymba again and likewise would recommend them to others. We’re unique and we knew we wanted a bottle opener to reflect that. The solution Cymba delivered does just that.”

Give your beer-loving customers the luck of the Irish with a custom designed bottle opener for St. Patrick’s Day. Order now for delivery by March 2. Click here to check out the entire Cymba Bottle Opener catalog today!