“Every small business is started to fill a need.”

Twenty years later, under new ownership and renamed The Cymba Bottle Opener Company, we retained the core values of  Mr. Bates. Maintaining his commitment to using local and Made in U.S.A. products, we create bottle openers as unique and varied as our list of clientele. Whether you need 50 spike openers for a corporate gift program, to 20 thousand for promotional  giveaways, whether you are looking for brand recognition or the ultimate wow-factor, we will work with you to create an opener as unique and memorable as your seasonal brew or special occasion.

Located in Holyoke, Massachusetts, The Cymba Bottle Opener Company is nestled in the heart of the canal district, where the manufacturing history is as rich as the colors of our famous New England fall foliage. The very first planned industrial community in the United States, Holyoke was a love child of the industrial revolution, populated by hard-working, honest folks.

Cymba is a locally-owned, specialty manufacturer, and like our product model, our staff are locally made, high quality, and exceptional.

The very first requirement of a bottle opener is that, of course, it must open a bottle. Enter the commander of our ship; Ed, A hard-working and dedicated proprietor, he has taken the most taxing position for himself: Lead Product Tester. Day after day, he can be found testing the latest prototype, opening bottle after bottle without nary a complaint.

The customization of a bottle opener takes a high level of skill and dedication. Ed’s business partner of 20 years Bill, is our Production Engineer. Often consulting his magic 8-ball as to the whereabouts of his latest  beverage Bill works tirelessly to ensure that each customer’s custom creation is completely correct.

Rounding out the crew, our stow-away pirate our “Mad Madame”,  Ginger who was found in the brig and promptly put to work. She has been the glue that has held everything together,, she’s temporarily using “The One Who Does All the Work,” in pirate lingo, This title puts her in that supervisory role that insures the well crafted and well tested openers are made and delivered to our customers on time which she admits is long – but she sure does like words.

We don’t have a cat or a dog around the shop as a mascot,  but we do occasionally find a red haired squirrel in the inventory department on the 2nd floor, but we just call him Bob…