Holyoke-based bottle opener company ‘unbottles’ ingenuity, entrepreneurship and artistry

By January 10, 2018Blog, News

Combines modern technologies with time-honored traditions and appeals to a growing craft brewing industry

According to the Brewers Association, the number of breweries in America exceeded 4,000 for the first time in 2015 and by the end of 2016, nudged over 5,000. These numbers are music to the ears of Ed and Bill Sordillo, brothers and partners of Cymba Bottle Opener Company, based in Holyoke, Mass. The local entrepreneurs combine modern technologies with time-honored traditions to create bottle openers that are as reliable as they are unique for beer enthusiasts, breweries, beverage companies and the craft beverage industry as a whole.

The idea to begin a business venture was sparked when the brothers were young. Their father, a sheet metal worker, occasionally took the duo on side jobs, exposing them to various manufacturing environments and instilling in them a strong work ethic by serving as an example. Their mother, likewise, fostered their entrepreneurial spirit, challenging them to always strive for more. The idea to become business partners, however, wasn’t always planned, though their educational and professional backgrounds create a perfect synergy, business plan and outlook.

“It was on a road trip to visit family that Bill and I got to talking about joining forces if you will,” explained Ed Sordillo. “I have a background in laser electro optics and Bill studied mechanical engineering technology.” It made sense then, for the duo to form ILS Laser Systems. When the opportunity to acquire Cymba presented itself, they knew they needed to seize the opportunity.

“This venture was everything we were looking for to expand,” he furthered. “Now we’re able to manufacture and customize, to produce precise, engineered goods and then customize them. At Cymba, we get to leverage our strengths in ways we never imagined.”

In addition to creating bottle openers that are artistic and reliable, Cymba is lauded for their many customization options. “The openers are engineered using techniques we picked up in school and throughout our work experience,” said Bill Sordillo.

“We take pride in not only what we do but how we do it,” he furthered. “We are committed to using locally made and Made in USA materials and are earth conscious when considering materials to use and processes to follow.”

With these core values at the heart of all they do, the Sordillo brothers continue their parent’s work ethic and are sure to make a mark in the craft brewing industry.